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Bobby Hix Guide Service?

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been checking out Bobby Hix Guide Service and was wondering if any of you had used him before what is a day of fishing like with him?
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dont know what his guide service is like but ive had many experiences with him. one i find him some what unscupolus. meaning telling people the fishing is great just to get them in his store to buy a particular lures. had a friend and her brother from minn go in the day before an ice fishing trip 200 dollars later well you know the sort. he used to write for fishing and hunting news dont know if he still does but every article was how great the fishing was especially the walley fishing, hes a self proclaimed walleye pro. also have stories about his brother who owns the boat shop next to his fishing store,wont get into that now but my advice is to find someone else.
more of what i was looking for was whats it like to spend a day on the water from some that had been out with his service im looking to take my mom (60+) for a nice relaxing day of fishing catching large numbers or big fish is of less concern im not looking for a drill sergent that is going to yell at me cause i dont have my pole in the water cause im trying to take a picture of the clouds (this happened in the keys)

so if you been out with his service what was it like did you have fun was he high pressuered thease things can be good for one and not for the next

and please keep in nice as i dont want this to go away
First of all, Bobby is a super nice guy. For example, at the Wyoming Walleye Circuit Tournament at Glendo this year our generator went out the day before the tournament, leaving us with no way to charge our boat batteries. Bobby let us park our boat outside of his motel room to get charged up overnight even though we were competing against him. I think that says a lot about him as a person. I have not personally fished with Bobby (though I plan to in the near future), but I do know several guys that have. I have heard nothing but good things. He is not a "self proclaimed" walleye pro, he is a walleye pro. He fishes tournaments constantly and is always a name to keep your eye on in the results. If you spend any time around him you will be able to tell that he really knows his stuff when it comes to catching walleyes. I would encourage everyone to give him a try and judge for yourself.
i just dont ever see myself hiring a guide for colorado . I also dont see how a guide in colorado could make a living if it wasnt a fly fishing guide
i was looking at his prices and at first thought man thats high but when compared to a day of offshore fishing down san diego way it aint bad and when you figure all his expenses the price seems down right good and compare it to me haveing to buy all the stuff he provides and it is a steal

i used to think i dont need a guide and im right but i bet i could learn a thing or 2 from the guy that might make me a better fisherman down the road

like back when i played socker as a teen i had the chance to get an afternoon of training from goal tender Alan Mayer you may not know him he hasnt been around for a while but at the time he was the # goalie in the league, now i didnt master every thing he showed me that day but it gave me things to work on thru the seasons and made me a better goalie and i had the best goals against average in the league for several seasons. 1 afternoon with a pro carried over for many years

also when i take people fishing im usualy as close to a pro as can be found and i tie all the knots rig the poles net the fish (if were lucky) and such dont get me rong i still have fun but it might be nice to let someone else handle that and just relax and fish no worries

from the sounds of it guiding is only 1 way he makes his living sounds like hes got the turnements and some retail action going plus who knows what else folks that know me a little scratch there head and say how does he make a living doing that well it aint all i do!
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I hope we will be able to post honest, first hand information about companies, reguardless if they are sponsers or not...
I agree with fishingguitars. I wouldn't hire a guide either. However, I wouldn't mind guiding, myself. Hmmmmmmm... I can see it now.. I'll guide for a pack of cigarettes per outting. I'll provide food, a spot in the truck, jokes and laughs.

Where can I get my license?
as long as we arnt laughing at the fish we j/k
roadkill said:
as long as we arnt laughing at the fish we j/k
I'll promise to go over the 101 ways to jump in after a speeding fishing rod through demonstration! We'll even cover safety in that too!!

Here's a free one on the safety tip: Never jump in after a rod in waters that you haven't waded and/or from a boat.

jumping in from a boat is the only way to go, i had a good size bonito (so cal salt water) snag my rod right out of the boat it went a good 7 ft from the boat before even hitting the water i heard a noise turned back to see the rod hit and start to sink and just thought NO WAY took 1 step and dove over the side fully dressed precription glasses hat boots jeans and heavy flannel over shirt, the momentum of the dive caught me up to the road several feet under water (my fishing buddy said i was competely under for several seconds) now you think seeing under water is dificult try it with gasses in the way and bubles from the entry but i managed to kinda see the rod and grab it as i broke the surface i felt something on the line and set the hook, grabed my hat that was floating there, and swam back to the boat keeping tenstion on the fish as i went i climbed in the boat with the rod between my teeth ( no ladder had to scale the out drive) and landed the fish a nice 3# bonito i bled him out gutted him and put him on ice before i though about what i might have lost from this adventure i checked my glasses and pockets and every thing was there just a little wet and cold
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Regarding fishing with Bobby Hicks guide service I can tell you that I have fished with him on 3 seperate occations. I have been a fly fisherman for over 25 years in this state as well as all of the mountain states. Receintly I decided to change venues and get serious about Walleye fishing. I purchased a new boat and was on my way having a great time catching fish at the local reservoirs. Catching 20-25 fish a day was not a problem but I knew that many guys were doing better. I wanted to catch more and bigger fish and I knew that I did not have the knowledge to do that without some help or spending many years learning. Taking the long hump out of the learning curve seemed to be a smart investment. I came up with Bobby Hix's name from several pro walleye guys as the man to use. I called him and arranged a trip the next week. He suggested we go to Chatfield as we would catch many more fish there but I live nearer Cherry Creek so I wanted to go there. He asked me what style of fishing I wanted to do and since I was mainly doing live bait rigging on my own I wanted to learn something new. He suggested trolling crank baits. His knowledge of electronics is nothing short of amazing and within 5 minutes of leaving the marina he spotted several larger fish on his sonar. Out went the lines and on the first pass down went the lead core pole. After a 10 minute battle I landed the largest walleye to date. She was 27 inches long and over 8 pounds. We caught 12 other fish that morning all between 17 and 23 inches. I learned in 1 morning  what would have taken most people 2 years by trial and error. I have since been on 2 other trips with Bobby and I feel I  have learned more about walleye fishing and running complicated sonar in two days than most guys learn in years. I fished Chatfield on this past Sunday and caught 16 small mouth 9 walleye's up to 17+ and one perch. On 8/5/05 myself and a buddy caught 66 walleyes including 3 that went over 18". All on different techniques that Bobby had taught us. I am not trying to brag as I could not have done this without the help of a professional guide like Hix. He is very friendly, professional and the time on the water just flies by. If you want to learn from one of the best I have ever been around give Bobby a call, it just may be cheaper in the long run.
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          I too feel the same way about Bob Hix..... I have known Bob for over 20 years and he has always helped me find fish. I work alot and sometime don't have the time to scout out lakes. When I call Bob he is always helpful.  I too always try to return the info.

  Bob, keep up the good work. WE sure could use a few more guys like you to help promote colorado  fishing
wow i related an past experience, even gave the guy a compliment and they deleted my post..why???
i put one up this morning and it came back immediately and gave me a message that i wasn't allowed to put a post on that subject???
:) Thanks for the feedback on my guide service. I just want to add I took a gentleman from out of state this year who's son lives near Chatfield. We had a horrible day, one 12 inch walleye. Since that outting I have taken him on TWO more trips at NO CHARGE. The results for what ever reason have been the same, NO FISH. I plan on taking him every time he is in Colorado until he gets the kind of trip I want all my clients to have.

Lastly I turned down over 15 trips in early spring because I knew the fish were not on any kind of bite, rather than go knowing full well I was not going to get into the fish. Trust me it's no fun guiding when the fish are not bitting. All I can say is I try my best. I also have paid to fish with more guides in the past 5 years than most people will use in a lifetime. From Mexico to Alaska and all places in between. It's a small price to pay to learn some new stuff.

Also my familys tackle shop (All Pro Fish n Sport) closed last December 31st. I would like to thank all who shopped with us. It was a great ride!!!!

Yours Truly,
Bobby Hix
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thanks for the post i look for wrad to fishing with ya

welcome to the site

ps we are going to have to do something to up your post count cant go on having the word "newbie" under your name something not right about that

thanks again
Bobby, I for one am glad and impressed that you came forward and spoke up for yourself...I am not sure all guides would has been helpful hearing from all has been a tough one for Ken...maintaining the credibility of the forum with posters and the credibility with an advertiser...the proverbial rock and a hard place...and as roadkill said...welcome...too many posters with their knowledge and insight is never a bad thing...
Dan kept me on the straight and narrow! Thanks Dan!
Good Dan's wife will be angry...his head isnt going to fit through the doorways at home!...all that construction dust!!!...
But we will give you all the credit...and Zman all the blame...the moderators voted on was unanimous...he went along with it because you cannot fight city hall...

Methinks some of my posts are going to be mysteriously changed...
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