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Bodecker State Wildlife Area

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Just got back from a Sunday drive to check out some local lakes. we looked at Lonetree, Lon Haglar, and Bodecker....does anyone have any experience fishing Bodecker? its just north of Lon Haglar. ive never fished it...but its a pretty nice looking lake--clear and cold, and i imagine fairly deep in areas. no night fishing though from what the signs say, but it is suppose to have some walley in it. anyways, if anyone has fished it let me know how you did....
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The reports on this lake always says that it is slow. However, I haven't even seen much people fish this lake at all. I do know that it was drawn down pretty low a few years ago.

I guess the only way to find out is to put a boat in.

It aint bad for dove hunting though.. :p
Yeah, i havnt heard much about it. it looks decent as far as lakes are concerned, but if they drew water out of it recently maybe the fish population is sparse. it might be worth an evening trip later this year though, just to see if anything is around.

thanks for the info, by the way....
you may want to do a few searches on site, specifically fishing the west forum. i think i recall some info on this lake being discussed.
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