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boulder area cats, ideas please

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Ok, tried boulder res and sawhill the last two nights without luck (i know, a little early). I need to find a nice local cat spot (new to the north area). Would like acess to be ok at night. Any ideas? ???
**personal experiance w/ spot prefered-
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Water temps are very important for catfish, especially channel cats. When Temps reach 60 they will start to get agressive. Right now deep holes sandy or muddy bottoms next to channels where food will settle for them are the best place to check right now.
What are you using as bait?
bobwall said:
Would like acess to be ok at night. Any ideas? ???
st vrain state park at rt 119 and I25. i only mention because night time a lot of our local places are closed at night. all the open spaces are closed at night. kinda sucks. how about north sterling? big cats, night fishing!
just realized boulder area is the name of the post. scrap n. sterling. your screwed. there really isn't much open at night. vealy (sp?) lake is in south boulder, and has cats. i think it's a city park, MIGHT (doubt it) be open at night.
Thanks guys. Epic, i was using cut sucker that had gotten warm in my fishing bag for a day and a half (originaly got it to check out macks at gross, no luck there). i'm usualy a crawler or somtimes chicken-liver cat fisherman. Thanks for any more ideas-
p.s. i hear pella's got good cats (no nights, i know), are there any artificals you can catch cats on regularly?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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