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Boulder Creek, S. Boulder Creek 9/11

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Woke up early and got to fish all day. Stayed close to home and went up the canyon into Boulder Creek. Great weather, great fishing, and lots of fish caught. All browns, biggest was 13", about 15 total on panther martins, kastmasters, and elk hair caddis with the fly rod. Fished from about 7:30 until 11am, then went into town and got some lunch.

After lunch, hit S. Boulder Creek close to town and caught 12 more browns and 1 cuthroat/cutbow (couldn't tell which it was). The fish in this stream were all very small, but man, were they aggressive. Left the flyrod in the car and rigged up the bubble/fly combo at one point -- the bubble was hit repeatedly and the fly only occasionally :)

Here's a photo of the typical catch on the day:

This was just a total blast -- these fish fight like nothing I've ever seen. Everyone jumped out of the water -- one of the fish on the caddis actually hit the fly and jumped out of the water in the process. Later in the day, one of the fish in S. Boulder Creek jumped onto the shore during the fight, flipped around, hopped back in, and kept fighting... If you're into the small stream brookies, you'll feel at home with these fish -- get it in the water and you'll get bit.
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Looks like fun SD. I've got a job in Boulder tomorrow morning.
Might have to Check it out quick.
Only had less than an hour this morning but managed to catch a couple small browns alright. I stopped right below the park at the beginning of the canyon and fished under the walk bridge. I remember years ago going up a ways to a big boulder close to the water fall and catching several good sized browns floating salmon eggs. Need to get up there again.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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