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DavidK has sound advice...find a flyshop you like and get to know the guys there and the info you get will most likely be up to date and more reliable...much more so than just going to any shop and expecting the guys there to give up all the tips and information you ask for immediately. One of my pet peeves when working in a shop was the customer i never saw before just coming in and trying to milk me of all the info i had without at least trying to get to know me first or establish what kind of fisherman he or she was. after all, good advice is hard to come by...and no one likes to be "used" when it comes to giving out local hotspots or tips. (after all...why would i tell an idiot about my favorite place to fish?) I know employees at both of the shops mentioned below, and they are good guys and more than willing to help you out with more than just the basic "generic" tips you might get from any shop. im not saying you have to go in and buy hundreds of dollars worth of gear before expecting good information, but at least talk to the guys for awhile and they will most likely help you out as much as they can.

and as stated...take all tips with a grain of salt, one mans dream fishery can be another mans nightmare ;)
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