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I shop at Front Range Anglers a lot and they have always been helpful and honest. Whenever practical, I try to support the local shops rather than go over the Internet and Front Range Anglers deserves this support.

I haven't spend that much time in Rocky Mountain Anglers, so I don't really have an opinion about them.

That being said, opinions and advice are like *^$^&*^$. That is, everyone has one. Even within the same fly shop, if you ask two people the same question you'll get two different answers. It goes with the territory, so you have to take any advice with a grain of salt.

Another thing is that the more you shop in the same store, and the more you befriend the people that work there, the better advice you'll get. If they have never seen you before and you ask for advice on where to fish you'll get the typical answers. But if they know you and know you're a responsible fisherman you'll be much more likely to be pointed to a great fishing hole. Loyalty goes two ways-- be good to the store and they'll be good to you.
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