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It is the employee's job to be helpful, but the same old aimless questions can be very redundant and often draws the same photocopied answer. Don't ask, "So....How's the fishing?" or "Umm....what are the fish taking right now?" Do you're homework before you go into a shop and don't ask the retorical questions unless you want a retorical answer. Ask educated well thought out questions and you will more then likely get the answer you want. Finally, don't be that guy who walks into a shop bleeds them for info and then walks out. When I get any information from a guy or gal in a shop, its kinda like leaving a tip to buy a fly or two.

Having brought this strategy into all the fly shops I go into, I have only been disatisfied with one. The "Flies and Lies" shop at Deckers. The real big guy who works there every time ive been in, well....he's a jerk to say the least no matter who you are. It's like his attitude is how dare you fish, my river or my canyon and no I won't help you unless you pay me too. I was about to buy about 20 dollars worth of flies in there once, and he was being his typical self, so I returned all my flies to their appropriate locations, looked the dude strait in the eye, shook my head and walked out never to return again.
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