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boulder res

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Went from 8 til noon water was like glass til water skiers moved in.
wally divers crawler harneses jigs grappler shads even offered a wally diver to fish gods nothing. water was 44 when we got there 46 when we left.
4 other boats out talked to all of them nothing .

Side note why is it water ski boats canwake the %# out of you and when you fire up the motor and cause a wake looking for structure and fish they get pissed.
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thanks Eyered and Rod
worked the dams and the point in the middle pretty hard today fish where scattered not schooled up yet.
last year i had really good luck evenings with perch pattern and red cotton cordell wally divers. If anyone wants to try at dark i get of work about 2 to 4 pm have lund will travel. ;D
curlytail tip with anything?
thanks Eric
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