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Boulder REservoir 8/30

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Fished the res from about 630 till 8 tonight. It was kinda breezy and I got no bites as I threw a minnow imitation, and a grub along the dam. Got all the way to the break in between the two dams, and still no bites. I was about ready to leave but I thought I'd wait for the wind to die down. It didn't and only got stronger and stronger, until I could only cast about 20ft out. Switched to a crank, and on the third cast caught a fat 16in walleye. He sure faught hard, and must have been getting plenty to eat. Let him go cause I thought min size was 18inches to keep, but I didn't see any signs saying so. Fished for a while after him and n-a-d-a. At least i didnt get skunked. I need to get out there one night for some cats as the area i was fishing looked pretty perfect, (or maybe just east of the outlet.)
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well dude you did the right thing not sure what the regs are at boulder res. either but you didnt know so you released it many people assume things and get in trouble or even worse make other local fisherman mad ....walleyes are great eatting fish and sometimes i find it hard to let them go but you did the right things ......the fish gods are on your side now your gonna catch a big one ....
There is no size limit for walleyes in Boulder Res. Your regular creel still applies. They have some huge walleyes in that lake. My group including my self pulled 7 over 30" out from there within the past 2 years. Keep trying and you'll figure out how to catch them.

Important tip: Night
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