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Boyd 19th,20th,22nd.

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Staying close to home, decided to fish Boyd the past few mornings, and glad I did. Caught lots of fish (with the kids and a few of their friends) Ya know when you run out of bait, the fishings pretty good. Some of the main pts.:

1) The perch are everywhere!!!!! This is the 6th year I've really fished it, and I've never seen so many perch!! Nothing really huge in size, 9in. being some of the biggest. In fact this morning, my daughters and I hammered them so hard, they thought we were catching the same fish. So we keep them in our livewell. After an hour or so, we counted, as they put them back, and there were 37 of them! Man was that fun ;D

2) Caught around 30 walleyes, nothing over 14inches. Two years ago (and before that) we were consistently catching (& releasing) lots of 15,16,17in. eyes. Last year I caught 1 over 15inches, none so far this year. The water has been extremly low the past couple of years, so maybe that has something to do with it.

3) The trout are deep. We caught a dozen of them today, all between 32-39ft. of water, jigging off the bottom. Smallest one was 15in, most of the others were 17-18inches, largest was 20in. Had to keep 2 of them (Yuck) but their meat is pink so maybe it won't be that bad.

4) Schools of white bass boiling all over the place. Kids had a ball seeing that, (me too). Just followed them around, casting jigs or small kastmasters into tthem, then just hold on. 15in. was the largest.

5) caught some smallies , blue gills and a 14in. crappie. I just love the diversity of fish you can catch out of there.

6) Finnally, when it got to hot, we simply jumped in the lake to cool off. 15min. break, then back to fishing.

Had a great time, and will be back out ther in the morning!

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Whitebass boiling already eh? NICE!! At what times did this occur the most?
I read all your reports, you must be some kinda fisherman, always tons of fish, I wish us mortals could catch em like u do!
Johnny, great post. It sounds like thr perfect day! The kids had to love it!
Man, it really has been a pretty darn good summer! I've gotta figure how to download some of these pics off my camera phone. White bass have been pretty visable from 7-10a.m., although we didn't see any today.

P.S. I'm grilling those trout as we type!

Nice report. Always good to hear that kids are having fun at this...
Great job with the was boat traffic on a you stay in the wakeless end?
Zman, it's really not to bad on the weekdays at all. I almost always fish on the south end, except for the point just North of the marina. ( the group picnic area). I the far south end, there's a weed line running from E To W, that stops towards the middle of the lake, that I following Wed. Yesterday, I fished straight out from the bouy in front of the 4th house on the East side (There's also a camper in the yard). Huge school of perch there, along with blugills and smallies. The walleyes were hanging out alittle further 14-17ft., and the trout even further 34-40ft.
Man .. WIPER_STALKER .. I kinda had a feeling about that place. We should've hit that place up.

Im glad that you ( JOHNNYO19 ) had a good time with the kids. I like having little ones around. When the fish are bitting and they are enjoying every momrent of it. Thanks for the report..!

What were yo catching the perch on anything special? slip bobbers ?
went to boyd yesterday from 5-9 caught some nice white bass alot of perch and 2 walleye and my brother caught 2 nice largemouth bass
catfishking shore or boat? Any size to the perch and whitebass or no?
hooknline- i was fishing from shore yhe whitebass were really size around 15inches and the perch were mostly small i caught way bigger perch at horsetooth last week
Was there today from 2:30-5:30. Caught a sun burn a few small mouths and some decent size bluegills. No white bass, walleye or crappie. Tried everything from minnow on a drop shot to Kastmasters.
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