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Boyd 4-3-05 :-(

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Fished Boyd for the first time today. Not much going on. Only saw a few fish caught mostly trout caught. My brother got a pretty good trout throwing a gold spoon by the pump house.

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I fished Horseshoe right above Boyd there at the inlet today causgth aroudn 25 crappie kept 5 a slew of small largemouths a sucker some and some tiny perch. Sounds like you were jsut at the wrong spot. Mostly on jigs a few on worms.
I thought Horseshoe is a private lake?

You can fish the 2 dams and then along the canal anywere between Lake loveland and Horseshoe is public property.
scchase was there alot of people fishing at the inlet? Where they biting good or did it take you i while to catch them?
didn't make it to Boyd, fished Granby instead. A friend of mine was out on Sunday, and he said there was a bass tourny going on. Kindof early for bass, don't ya think?  He caught 1 trout.
They were biting good for me I outfished the other 7 people there combined by a lot. The techinque was pulling a 1/8 chartuese jig real slow throught the water. Most the time it would just get heavy and I wouldnt even really feel a bite but I got hits almost every other cast. THe little bass were nailing it however.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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