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Boyd 4-4-06

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Went to boyd after work and couldn't catch a trout. But that is ok because I now like to spend my time TRYING to catch bass. So I threw all my cranks, spinners, senkos and any thing else I could think of. No love from the bass. So I tried something I have been wanting to try.

You all have been saying that you catch bass these days on curly tail jigs. So I went to sportsmans. Well there are alot. I have heard that Gulp is the hot stuff these days. So I couldn't find any of them labled "curly tail" so I got the 3" swiming minnow in watermellon.

Now back to the lake.

So I threw one on a chartreus (sp?) jig and one carolina rigged on a white floating jig.


I got a lot of bites but couldn't set the hook. I landed two about 6 inches. They looked like my first so I would call them largemouth.

Then I caught this one and I have no idea what it is. Can any one help?

I havn't caught any since my first and I have been trying let me tell you. It's good to know that I can actually do it twice.
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A lot of people would look at the hinge of the jaw and say it's a smallmouth, but since the mouth isn't fully closed you can't go by that. And the general configuration and the curved sweep of the lateral line looks a lot more like a largemouth.

So I'd say its a largemouth that's been struck by lightning. ;D
Hatchmaster said:
The other two I caught were very green and looked similar. Were they large mouth as well?
Most likely. The smallmouths I have caught out of Boyd were more bronze in color and on almost all of them you can make out the typical darker vertical stripes on their sides.

I was going to say the smallmouths I have caught out of Boyd were all tinier than that, but maybe I better keep that to myself. ;)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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