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Boyd 4-4-06

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Went to boyd after work and couldn't catch a trout. But that is ok because I now like to spend my time TRYING to catch bass. So I threw all my cranks, spinners, senkos and any thing else I could think of. No love from the bass. So I tried something I have been wanting to try.

You all have been saying that you catch bass these days on curly tail jigs. So I went to sportsmans. Well there are alot. I have heard that Gulp is the hot stuff these days. So I couldn't find any of them labled "curly tail" so I got the 3" swiming minnow in watermellon.

Now back to the lake.

So I threw one on a chartreus (sp?) jig and one carolina rigged on a white floating jig.


I got a lot of bites but couldn't set the hook. I landed two about 6 inches. They looked like my first so I would call them largemouth.

Then I caught this one and I have no idea what it is. Can any one help?

I havn't caught any since my first and I have been trying let me tell you. It's good to know that I can actually do it twice.
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looks like it has just been spawned out big time, looke at the bottom of the tail, they get all jacked up by brushing out the beds. don't know what the other marks are, maybe smaller fish just ganging up on it in #'s. it doesn't look like it got hammered by a big predator fish. looke like he just needs some r and r .
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