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Boyd 7-31

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Fished Boyd with my son from 6:20- 10:30. Caught about 70 perch, (kept 13 that were 9in.). Also caught 4 walleyes, 3 trout, a dozen bluegill, 4 smallies, 1 white bass, and a small crappie. Boy, were there lots of boats out today!
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what did u use for the perch and how far out where u on a boat if you dont mind.
A 1/16 oz jig, tipped with a small piece of crawler, and I mean small. Less than an inch. Anything bigger and they'll pick ya clean. Thing is we caught all the other fish doing this too! Although the trout were still deeper in 30+ feet of water. We were catching the perch anywhere from 9 - 16ft. right off the bottom.
'bout 95 fish in 250 minutes, u must be somekinda fisherman!
Well my son was with me, and he caught quite afew. if I wasn't spending so much time taking off fish and baiting hooks for him, we would of had more. But, he did learn how to take fish off, and bait his hook, by the time we left. I'm telling you the perch are EVERWHERE. We stayed in one area the entire time. We also went through close to 3 dozen crawlers in that time.

I'm glad there's still quite a few of us out there hammerin' our front range reservoirs. I feel like such a slacker. Someone should ground me from work, social life & school altogether and lock me in on one of the State Parks or something.

Way to go!

Dude, I here ya!!! I'm bumming now, cus I got to back to work next week! So I got to get it all in, while I can. The get together on the 14th may be my last Hurrah! It's been a great summer!!!!!
If I aint scoutin, I'll be there. Actually I hope to be there so I can actually meet you all. I'll be catching trophy sized 4 inch smallies if even that.. Keep it up champ, we like your reports. It gives us hope.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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