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Yeah it was brutal been meaning to call you Mikey and give you a report...the guys taht won never left the back of the marina...caught their 3 in the first half hour and then nothing the rest of the day...the guy that caught the single said he was just haphazardly only 3 keepers in the main lake basin...3/4s of the field blanked...Kevin and I tried a variety of blades, jigging raps, jigs, rigs trolling long line and lead core and everything we caught was well short of the 15 inch minimum size huge white bass that reminded me of a wiper at first...prolly around ten fish is all...Donald and Gene about the same...I had my camera when we marked fish and all I ever saw was singles...we got our asses kicked pure and simple...water temp had dropped 7 degree with the cold front...didnt mark almost any baitfish either..
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