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boyd on 05-11-06

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This is my first fishing report so here we go.

fished boyd from 1:30pm to about 7pm did pretty well, the lm bass are very active caught about 14 of them not the biggest ones in the world all ranging from 8 to 14 inches. They were hitting almost everything we put in the water, we used berkley blade dancer, rattle trap in bleeding shad (they liked this one a lot),shallow crank bait in fire tiger, spinner baits various colors(black,blue and chartruse my fav. and theres)they hit the spinnerbaits the most consistantly.

They were very tight to cover most of them were caught right on the rocks.

we also caught one 15" bow on the fly rod using a white/red clouser

all in all a great time on the water.
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Boyd is in Loveland.
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