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Boyd reports?

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Was thinking about going to Boyd after work today. Anyone here how it has been fishing? Last time I was there we got a bunch of small Perch,Bass & Walleye. I will be in my boat so any part of the lake will work if the weather holds.

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I went to Boyd Sun. 12:30 PM. Started off catching 2 small perch on 1 line rigged with 2 minnows just outside the buoys by the jet ski beach. After catching a few more, decided to move to the North end. Same result with a few small wiper and walleye mixed in. Thought the bigger fish would come out in the evening but "no go". Trolled the East shore with Shad Raps and crawler harnesses with very little luck. What a difference a year makes. I was getting 50 fish a day last year at this time, some up to 16". ???
Thanks Quick release.

Sounds just like my trip 2 weeks ago to boyd. Was hoping someone would be catching something of some size.
campingkids.. Its been a while since Ive been up there .. So sorry nothing from me.

but good luck when you do hit that RES again ..

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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