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My 4 year old son had been saying for a while that he "want's to catch a trout and eat it". Well yesterday Dad made that happen. Took him up North a ways and West. Lake was pretty crowded, seemed like a lot of parents with young kids had the same idea I did. Ice was over a foot thick. Drilled two holes and popped the shelter up.

Jackson caught a small bow within 15 seconds of dropping the Mealworm tipped jig down the hole.

He is a total ham.

We had some fun on the ice

At the end of the day we spent three hours on the lake and Jax caught 6 small bows, 3 of which were all by himself. I caught 5 in about 15 minutes right before we left. 2 tiny browns and 3 bows.

We only kept two for dinner, but Jax was excited to eat the trout he caught. Boy worked up an appetite. He ate 1.5 trout and also 4 tacos after.

Someone on this forum (can't remember who) warned me a while back that kids don't pay attention to the hole, so bring extra clothes in case they put their foot down the hole. Well that did end up happening right before we left so thanks for the tip. It was certainly nice having that extra pair of pants and dry socks for him on the ride home.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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