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I couln't agee more. This past June I was at  Spinney Mtn. and had fish all around me. They were eating some type of very small insects on the top in shallow, 1' or so deep water, and I couldn't coax them to eat anything I presented.  In frustration, I put on the biggest ugliest foam grasshopper I own and splashed it into the water. Almost immediatly a 19 1/2" rainbow gulped it up like he was waiting all day for that offering. I guess sometimes matching the hatch is not a necessity.
I fish saltwater a lot and we change colors sizes and types of lures every 10-15 casts until we find out what they want. The same can be said for off shore trolling, using 4 baits it doesn't hurt to have 4 different presentations.
Sometimes you feel like a steak and sometimes you just want a hot dog.......the fish don't always want the same thing also.
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