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Brush Hollow 06-24-05

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We were at walmart yesturday and Cody asked if I knew how to catch blue gill on a fly pole. So I picked up a couple little pan fish poppers and told him I'd take him tomorrow (today). He loves casting the fly pole and has only caught 2 trout on a fly rod. So off to brush hollow we go. I get him out there water is very clear and its partly cloudy with little to no breeze. He picks out the red and white popper and I tie a yellow one on. We wade out and I toss the popper out and show him how to use it, I got 4 strikes on the first cast and this got his blood flowing. I caught a bluegill on my next cast, then on the 3rd snagged and lost the fly. I switched to regular rod to target crappie and bass using a minnow type roster tail thing. Cody fishes for a good hour and a half with alot of strikes but no hookups so I switched flies. Tied on a damsel fly nymph and I think his first or second cast he hooked one. His first bluegill on the flyrod WOOT. We stayed tell about 2pm when COdy lost another fly and the lightening started to roll in. Caught about 20 bluegill/sunfish between the both of us. (Cody says he caught 1 more then me) The minnow rig I was throwing only landed me alot of bluegills and 2 perch about the same size as the lure. Had one really good hook up that dragged my line out, fought for about a min then it got under some weeds. I waded out to the line but when I got out there waders (chest) started to fill with water so I jumped back and lost the fish. Cody got a chuckle out of that one. Atleast I got to add another species to my species caught this year list (perch) hopefully the next ones I catch will be bigger then my thumb. :p I post a couple pictures but nothing to amazing.

One of the fun things about Brush Hollow is the unimproved roads(trails) that can get muddy, unfortunately they hadnt got rain in a while so its hard to find the mud.

Cody's first bluegill on fly rod.

My master angler bait err I mean perch (I caught 2 in totally different spots on the lake this size what are they doing chasing a lure this big)

Man someday I'll catch some big fish... But as long as the kid is having fun I'm having fun.
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Dan said:
Cody looks very happy! Don'ty you just love when the kids out fish ya? Nice hat but I am still looking for the shirt in your pics.

Haha the woman stole it from me, and wears it before I can. She keeps telling me if I wore a white shirt fishing I'd ruin it so its her's now. (She is probably right I wipe my hands on my shirt, pants, cody, just about everything)
roadkill said:
looks like you didnt have to much wind make the fly casting a little easyer when it calm

did you notice the water temp there? is it still climbing?

good job, Cody nice gill
I didnt throw the themometer out, but Cody said it was alot colder then a couple weeks ago when we went and he was out in the water chasing tadpoles. I'm thinking the rain cooled it down some, he doesnt have waders yet (grows to fast) so he uses the old shoes and shorts method of getting out in the water.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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