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Came back here after fishing on Friday-bite was real good again-bass are still real shallow. Threw a pearl tube on a 1/16 oz insert head and a smaller crank. Most of my fish came on the tube. Water temp seems a little colder than Friday though I didn't get my gauge wet to find out and the lake seems to have cleared up a little.

There were quite a few guys fishing down by the dam but only two others on the lake in belly boats fishing for trout. I caught lots of largemouth with the largest just under 15", one catfish and one bluegill. Still no walleye.

Lake is still a muddy mess-cars getting stuck but there are a few places to hand carry a boat down to the water . Just to the right(north) of the boat ramp is a point thats gravel and shale and you can avoid the mud there. I wouldn't trust it to launch a trailered boat though. If its like past falls, the lake will gain a few ft and the ramp will be back in the water in another month.
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