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Brush Hollow bass,crappie,trout are biting

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Hello everyone, I have been fishing Brush Hollow all April and the fish have really turn on this week. The water was as warm as 62 degrees in some sheltered coves. Bass, crappie and trout were all biting when I was there Tuesday. Granted they were small, but one after another. I fished til I could not see anymore. There were at least 8 boats on the lake, which is actually alot for Brush Hollow. SO you better go during the week, the weekends are a zoo.
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Brush Hollow is located between Colorado Springs and Canon City in the town of Penrose. IT is closer than Pueblo and also warms alot quicker.
Thanks a lil to far for me when the crappies grow let me know lol.
Thanks for the report Methiolate Man. I am going tomorrow (event thought its suppose to be cooler). Hope to hit those same coves and catch some crappie.
What were you catching them on? I drive by the Brush Hollow sign atleast 5 times a month and I'm always like I want to stop and check it out but I always am headed somewhere for a reason I cant be late or skip and go fishing for. grrrr life's pains.
If your after bass, plastic worms texas rigged and weightless work. The crappies and trout were hitting a small jig under an even smaller bobber. I just came back from the lake. The wind was so bad that the north side shore had changed color from the wind pounding on it. I didn't even load my boat, turned around and went home. I hope to try and catch a trophy northern this weekend at elevenmile.
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