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Brush Hollow

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Hit the hollow for the first time. Wow is the water high! Huge weed beds, should be a great year for all the fish in that reservoir. tried to touch bottom with the oar of my toon at the tree line and couldn't... Fished poppers almost all day with steady action from sunfish and bass but nothing of great size. Stalked a carp in the trees for awhile until it disappeared. Great time to hit that fishery in a toon or yak and fish the forest.:biggrin1:
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Would be nice to hold that level all year then freeze up this winter.
I will have to go back and try to find where the larger fish are hiding now. But I am guessing with all that new realestate they are spread out. I fished from the boat ramp up the east side and back. Got blown off by a storm before I could fish towards the dam.
Would be nice to hold that level all year then freeze up this winter.
All that dead flooded timber would make some great habitat if they could keep the water levels up. I have my doubts though once they get the call for irrigation water.

Wonder if the water levels will drop before the trees drown out.
colorado mangroves! looks like john martin right now.
Dead trees make good structure to
Yeah but only if they keep the water level this high. Looking at the google images of BH it looks like the water is alot lower. There are what appear to be roads thru halfway to the inlet.

I guess some enterprising fisherpeople could go the the res in the winter with chainsaws, rope, and a load of rocks.
I was there last rod as usual. The belly boat in the trees felt kinda like I would imagine the bayou is. A fly pattern called crappie candy got me approx. one dozen bass(averaging 12-13 inches) and about a dozen crappie as well. The crappie were all small...around 6-7 inches.
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