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Brush hollow

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hey all. Thiinking of going to brush hollow on friday. I wanted to try and catch a walley, a perch, and some more crappie. Anyone have any tips/ideas for these three fish. I'll be in my canoe so i can be anywhere... Anyone know where the crappie may be hidding this time of year, well any of the mentioned fish?

I am trying to become a more rounded angler, i have fished for trout my whole life, but have never really learned warm water fishing. I thought i would round out the season with a walley and a nice perch.
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Hey J, I was told that the best Crappie spot on that lake is directly across the lake from the boat ramp and 200 yards toward the dam. I don't know if its is true but was told that is where Dow has shocked or found most of the crappie. Hope that helps.
Thanks, i'll try that out. I have caught some bass in that cove thats directly across from the boat ramp. To be honest, i havnt fished much south of the boat ramp, i need to get out there more.
i have caught crappie in the shallow north end but that was when the water was cooler recently i got a few decent crappie jigging on the trees that stick up thru the water in a bout 20 feet of water that where i have hit the perch also but not much size to the perch i got

i have picked up 1 walley there so far and that was on the west side from near the dam on up(north) a couple hundred yards till the slope got shallow. i was jigging minnows as i drifted in about 20' of water if the wind cooperates you can drift along this steep shore dragging something on the bottom and pitch jigs toward shore and bounce them down the slope

its been a few weeks since i was there and the surface temp was round 71 deg but i heard fro a post (ePiC i think) that the water had felt cooler after those last rains we had try and get a water temp for us when you post your report

good luck
You will see alot of cover for those crappie you want it is pretty easy to move around in the canoe to try alot of different cover. I would focus on stumps and laydowns as the gills seem to claim most of the vegatation. Alot of littler bass seem to hang in there with, I have seen some big splashes, assuming it was bass chasing gills. The one crappie I caught there was 15 inches very pretty for a black crappie (the uglier of the crappie species). But from most the guys I talk to down there, they havent had much luck locating them. I think its because the gills run the show in the cover, there are so many.
I heard along the dam is the best for walleyes, the perch I tagged were also in the vegatation, but nothing of good size yet. I haven't tried live minnows yet, I have been meaning to bring them down but just always deciding against it at the last minute.
Good Luck, let me know if you get into your fish. Might add I have seen some nice catfish coming out of the lake, but have not fished for them there yet.
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just be careful in that canoe it can get a bit breezy on brush hollow i have been know to beach my canoe when it gets nasty and wait it out or walk to the truck. better safe than sorry
good luck
Its cool. I have had the canoe out on brush hollow quite a few times, all over the state actually. We once had it out on spinney and we had to paddle all the way across the lake while the wind was moving. Each time a wave came at us, we turned into the wave, it kept us from tipping, but when the front would splash down, water would come over the ege. I was soaked when we got back to shore...

But thanks for the reminder, sometimes you can loose focus, thats when you die...
yea i did the canoe at spinney in the wind but close to the truck when the wind came up fortunately the wind was blowing towards the shore cause i could barely hold station against the wind had it been blowing the other way it would have been very bad

i sure love my canoe for getting in to waters you cant take a trailer boat
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