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Brush Hollow

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Arrived early morning sunday to try and beat the crowd, not to many boats, the water was low, with lots of weeds around the east shorline, making its way to the west. we fished the whole east shoreline along the weed, caught a few SMALL, will fit in a sardine can, Bass on flies nothing else. Used almost everything in the box, from plastics, spinners, deep divers, mid- diver and top water lures - NOTHING! Alot of people were using bobbers with bait. Seen some small fish taken, but nothing to brag about. Just to much weeds in the water, seen alot of fish on the fish finder about 45 ft deep. No takers. left about 11 am.
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thats what i found when i was down there last week. I dont think i'll hit BH till next year...
The only nice onse I seen pulled out of there have been crappie and catfish. THe only reason I keep going back is the microdudes like catching bluegills.
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