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Division of Wildlife

Firewood Available at Brush Hollow
~ Downed Trees at SWA Near Penrose ~

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) will hold a free firewood gathering day at Brush Hollow State Wildlife Area on September 17.  Brush Hollow, located near Penrose, has many downed cottonwoods the DOW will make available to the public during this one-day event. 

?This is a win-win situation,? said local DOW property manager Jake Rodriquez.  ?Removing some downed trees will improve public access to the shoreline along the reservoir, and people can make use of the free firewood in the process.?

Firewood gathering will begin at 7 a.m. and will be on a first come first serve basis until all of the available firewood is removed.  Firewood gathering will only be allowed on September 17.

Only those trees that are already on the ground can be taken.  No other cutting will be allowed.  There are partially submerged fish shelters out of the water that will be flagged with yellow ribbon.  Wood marked with a yellow ribbon cannot be cut.  DOW staff will be on site to assist with tree selection.

Brush Hollow State Wildlife Area is located approximately three miles northwest of Penrose.  From Highway 115 in Penrose, take Fremont County Road 123 (Third St.) west for a half mile, then turn north on E Street (which turns into Co. Rd. 127).  Go two miles on 127 to a fork in road. Take the left fork and continue a half mile to the northeast entrance to the property.

For more information, contact the DOW office in Canon City office at (719) 269-8710 or the DOW Salida Service Center at (719) 530-5523.

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I hope they dont go overboard... But it does need to lose some of those trees, I think that was part of the reason it was so hard to locate crappie this year. SO much cover.

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hum? 1 day, a bunch of ******** with chainsaws? this should be good! like opening time at bloomingdales for a sale

unfortunately i dont think many of the dead trees were the cover problem for me it was all the new growth

id rather see them drag them dead trees out in the water and sink them we need more cover in the water not up on the shore and they should go inthere with a big brush hog and cut a bunch of paths thru the small saplings down to the water for better access
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