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Bubble and fly

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A) Does anyone use this technique often? Any success?

B) Any tips for someone just starting to use this rig?

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I've never used this technique personally but alot of people I know here in Colorado do or have. Here is a good link:,19912,553024,00.html
I use a bubble and fly a lot. I have filled many a stringers this way. Most of the time I use a "pistol peet" or wooly booger with 4' of leader behind the bubble. Just cast out and retreive it slow. I have even used this for Macks just filled the bubble and let it sink to the bottom using a "pistol peet".
Give it a try some time, works great!!
I normally use a fly rod when fishing with flies but there are some times when the fly rod just doesnt fit the situation (high banks or trees on deep lakes, fish not with with 50 of the shore). Thats when my bubble and fly come out. Usually with nymphs, I retrieve really slow. With wet flies, a little faster. I use the ones that have the elastic piece in the bubble. I think most of the time the fish hook themselves with that kind. When you see the fish hit you don't need to set the hook too hard. Just pull up to constant pressure. I've even used dry flies a few times. They're a little more difficult because a lot of times the bubble "drowns" the fly. Leader size doesn't seem to matter too much as long as its more than 2 or 3 feet. Sometimes I'm not sure the red beeds on them help or hurt. Sometimes the fish hit the bubble instead of the fly. Its overall a really good way to reach fish that are long ways from shore on lakes. In streams, I've only had luck with casting across or 1/4 the stream and then retrieving it back upstream. This works best in slower pools. Haven't had much luck in faster moving water or "dead drifting" with bubbles.
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i like to use the bubble and a fly but i use a fly rod and a triger legacy zebco 11tl reel with 4# test

its light and fun makes all the fish feel like a big one
I use it on lakes, when using a fly rod is not pratical, and I am just as successful. Use an Adjust a Bubble or Bunjee Bubble with a fluorocarbon leader. They are especially made for using flies via spinning rod.
Ive been playing with this rig for a few weeks now and have been having a great time. Crappie and bluegill are a blast on this rig. Ive even caught a bass on a fly (black gnat pattern)....didnt think bass ate insects pass a certain size.

anyways, I thought I was doing something wrong whenever my dry flies began to ..ahem...get wet. I think i will switch to fishing nymphs. While on this topic I have another many fish does the average fly catch before it falls apart. Im paying 75 cents a fly and the thing falls apart after a few this normal or do I need to find another vendor?
I think you need to find a new vendor...putting a drop of head cement on the head of the fly might help...or clear fingernail polish which is cheap and has an applicator might keep it from unraveling and make them last a little longer...
My bro turned me on to the fly/bubble method years ago and its a very deadly way of catching almost anything!Heres my rig:slip a clear plastic bubble on the line (Ii use 6lb) then tie a small swivel on.Make sure the fat end of the bubble stop faces the swivel otherwise the force of casting can push out the stop and the water drains out. Then I tie a 3-5 ft leader usually 6 lb but 4lb can work better.Tie your fly on and thats it.You can do a dry fly but it helps to use the floatant gel evry so often.I normally fill the bubb with water so it slowly sinks down.A stop and go technique is deadly.Experiment is needed to determine best method.Good luck!
I grew up buying bubbles from the fishing store in Leadville. He is one of the very few people that carry the bubbles with eyes on both ends. Prefer those for fishing high mountain lakes for brookies or cuthroats as they never get water in them. Favorite fly is a royal coachmen with it's wings trimmed off. Also use the fillable kind for big fish up in Wyoming when they cruise the weed likes in those alkaline lakes. Caught some monster rainbows on a big leeche imitation wully bugger a few feet under the surface (caught lots of weeds too :)
The reason I like the bubble that slides on the line is that when the fish grabs the fly,it doesnt feel the mass of the bubble.The strike is transmitted directly to you.
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