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Gave up on Miramonte after multiple trips catching cookie cutter rainbows. Thought I would try another lake a bit further West .... actually I think Buckeye is the most western lake in Colorado. It's located at the foot of the LaSal Mountains at around 8000 feet.

Arrived Tuesday afternoon and set up my tent and cooking gear. Got the pontoon on the water around 5 pm. Trolled around without much luck - actually no luck at all. Ran into a couple from Grand Junction and they mentioned that the lake hasn't been stocked in several years. Wednesday I started early and fished from 7 - 10 am with some success for small 9" fish in the reeds at the south end of the lake (all two of them). Took a break and then fished from noon to 3 pm. Concentrated on the deeper water as that is where I at least marked a few fish. Again one fish to hand but that was it. Tried again at 5 pm but got blown off the lake by a thunderstorm. From 7 to around 11 pm had a tremendous light show with the thunderstorm. Tried again this morning with one whole bite and gave up at 9 and packed up and left.

Only two other groups were fishing and they weren't having any luck either. With all the time I spent I only marked less than 20 fish. I would be surprised if there are more than 100 fish total in the lake. Buckeye is a very pretty lake in nice surroundings with some nice campgrounds and dispersed camping spots ..... just no fish. With my trolling I would mark a fish in deeper water (lake at deepest is 27 feet) but they were all singles and it would be 10-15 minutes between seeing fish on the finder. Thus my report would say it's a great lake to visit for the scenery but needs more fish.
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