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Buenas Dias......

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I recently moved to Colorado from Washington and have been initiated into the Colorado fly fishing scene by my brother who have fished here for years while station at Fort Carson.

I am really enjoying it.

A friend told me about this web site and so I wanted to go to a place that could help me with some local tips. This is great site and I am thankful that I find it. I look forward to reading about your Colorado fishing and sharing some stories from the river.

So, if you see a Mexican fishing at 11mile canyon (not many of us) wave and say hello to Juan.

Good to meet you all and hope you catch pescado grande.

Juan Ramirez
The Mexican Fly Fishermen
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Welcome amigo!
Cool, always glad to see new faces here ;)

welcome aboard!
Think maybe he read that thread about 11- mile canyon and the non-english speaking guys? Just wonderin..
welcome to colorado
Hey now, theres a guy that used to own a flyshop in Lafayette that was hispanic...Rocky Mountain Cane. He built split bamboo rods...real works of art. The rods were top notch, although i couldnt afford one...but if i ever could his would be the one i would dont knock a mexican with a flyrod ;)
well what i ment to say was glad to see another mexican fly fish or trying and good luck with it

besides my self i havent seen that many trying a fly rod
and if you ever get real good or just ok
you need to try a lake and try to hook into a wiper
there is nothing like a wiper trying to pull all your string off
and your arm
Hey buddy. WELCOME to CO and this awesome site. Theres MANY MANY good Anglers here who'll and can help you out. Im dont know much about fly-fishing but if you ever need something feel free to ask and some on here will help you out. Well keep fishing and use bug spray..

Welcome to the forum and see you out at 11Mile in a week...planning a trip soon.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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