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Many of you have probably noticed Cabela's recently advertising a lifetime guarantee on Cabela's brand merchandise "for the lifetime of the product". A couple times in past years I have broken Cabela's brand fishing rods and taken them back to a store with no receipt and they have replaced them free of charge while at the same time offering an extended warranty for a few bucks (which is reasonable, however if it's really a lifetime guarantee then why would you need an extended warranty?).

A couple weeks ago my Cabela's 3 bank Proseries charger (by ProMariner) suddenly stopped charging. No blown fuses or anything crazy, it just never finishes it's self-test and only displays a power LED. It had a 2 year warranty, but is almost 5 years old. Seems like a perfect time to see if the guarantee is real (after all, they could define the lifetime of the product any way they want to - I have seen other companies define "lifetime" as 3 years). So I removed the charger from the boat and took it to the store in Lone Tree in the original box.

I waited in the return line for a couple minutes and then the outfitter asked me how he could help me. I said, "this charger stopped charging and I was wondering if I could get a replacement." He said (without asking for a receipt) "Let's see if we have one in stock" and scanned the UPC. "Sorry, they are not in stock", so he checked internet stock - nada - only two out-of-state stores had it in stock. He asked if I had the receipt. I said yes and gave it to him. He said "I can give you store credit or refund it to your CC. Which do you prefer?" I said "Refund it to my credit card please" and he did.

Kudos to Cabela's for walking the talk. They have rarely disappointed me in the past with regards to customer service, so I am happy to report that as the Bass Pro merger approaches that the "Lifetime Guarantee" is real. :thumb:

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