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Cabela's pharmaceuticals?

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So I received a package from cabelas the other day- a birthday gift from my father. Enclosed were a few x-raps, & to my surprise, 2 sample boxes of Allegra allergy medicine. There was no mention of Allegra on the enclosed receipt, & toy knowledge cabelas doesn't sell anything like that. So what's the deal, anyone out there have a similar experience? Is cabelas somehow affiliated with pharmaceutical companies? Anyone out there who can shed some light on this situation?
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I got a bottle of "5 Hour Energy" with the last Cabelas order I got.
My wife ordered some boots from Nordstrom and there was a used hash pen inside the box with them.
I'm guessing that Allegra and 5 hour energy are paying Cabelas to include the samples. Just a way to get you to try the products.
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