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Living on the westernslope of Colorado I can't give you any ideas of areas east of the Rockies. However, if you aren't adverse to a bit of travel there are several family friendly lakes here on the western slope. Miramonte Lake just south of Norwood and even a bit further south Groundhog Lake. Both would require a bit of travel but are camping and family friendly. Groundhog has a nice store located at the lake while Miramonte has better camping but no amenities. However a short drive (relatively) down to Norwood and you can pick up anything you want. The drive down and back only takes about an hour.

I would recommend Blue Mesa but not sure it is that safe for small kids. However it does have plenty of camping but not sure how you feel about kids, kayaks, and speedboats all mixing. Just some ideas if you are wanting to travel a bit.
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