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The grand mesa has a lot of places, but if you are looking for good fishing you'll usually have to hike. There is one hike, although around 10,500 ft. in elevation, is extremely easy. It is the hike to leon lake. (and you can drive to this lake if you have a strong vehicle, but the hike is so much easier and faster.) Drive to weir and johnson which is 2 wheel drive, and follow the trail to leon lake. It is neatly marked. Make sure you don't pick leon peaks reservoir. It is a flat trail roughly .8 miles to the lake, and the lake has what I call trophy brook trout, 12-15" average, with common fish into the high teens and maybe hitting the 20" mark. They are also the best eating brookies around. you may only see 1 or 2 people a day at leon, that little short hike really makes a lot of people not want to fish it, instead they all fish weir and johnson.
That is just one lake on the mesa where you can find solitude, fantastic fishing, and free camping near the water at the same time. Most of the lakes will be a bi**h to drive to though, and many of them don't have fish anymore. Pick your place on the mesa with great care. PM me if you are coming over, and maybe I can give you a few extra places ouray forgot to mention---but I doubt it. LOL.
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