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Without admitting to the title of "Old Geezer" :) my 2006 fishing license cost me $0.00

But I didn't get away free. The second rod still cost $5.00 and I bought a $5.00 habitat stamp (even though they said I didn't have to) just so I could make the same contribution as everybody else. So, ten bucks, even though the license itself was free.

What they said to me was not that a senior citizen was 64, but over 64. The phrase specifically used was "over 64". So, in plainer words, 65 or over.

W. E.

I know 64 and 1 day is "over 64" but they must be referring to the actual numbers of the age in years, so you must be 65 to be over 64. Have I ever mentioned that the DOW employs some idiots?

Added again:
Forgot to mention I am over 65. Well over. :)
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