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Last week I got to visit New Orleans at the end of a conference. My first time out after having major spinal cord surgery in Oct. After spending two days in the city I couldn't wait to get out. Thought about hiring a guide to fish, but didn't want to drop a grand. We decided for some free lance coastal fishing. My bros fiancee is from Lafayette so we got ahold of one of her friends for a starting spot. We went to a pawn shop and dickered three ocean rods for forty-five bucks. Hit sporting goods store for tackle. Now we were ready to drive to the coast. Found a bait shop on the way to pick up some fresh bait and a little inside Intel. After they laughed at OUR accents we had some places to go. After driving ten miles Kyle saw from the road what looked to be a good spot, a large canal with a break coming in from both shores that would create some wicked eddies as the tide came in and out......perfect. After hiking to the spot I lit a cast right into the middle of the eddy. I could see the line do a slow circle and sit. Less than a minute passed and I had a bite. Overjoyed, I set the hook too quickly and my brother just laughed. So I cast again and nailed the spot. Ten seconds later rod tip starts dancing bourbon street style. This time I waited and made sure he was eating it and bam.....FISH ON!! After a ten minute fight,wondering every second if my pawnshop rod would blow up in my hands, I landed this monster of a drum.

After fishing the canal awhile and being encroached upon we decided to do some jumping. We ended up with 50-60 channel and blue cats, 10-15 black drum including 50 lbs monster, 4 redfish, 10 freshwater drum, 5 ocean catfish, and a dirty nasty sea trout. Hell of an unguided trip! And the next day my bro proposed to his gf on a steamboat in the middle of Mississippi river. She said yes. It was a great vacation.


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