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I got in from cheyenne late evening on friday, made plans with a younger friend of mine (who is a forum member's son)... and then we drove up to granby at 5 in the morning. it was pretty shitty going over berthoud pass, but we made it down by 7ish, where I met up with deputycinnamonbear.... (who turns out, I know personally before this forum... he assisted me when my truck took a tumble by granby a few years back.)... he hooked it up with a new auger handle for me. thanks dude! I will repay you next time i'm up that way.

we decided to go out from sunset point. drilled a few holes and saw LOTS of fish that were just little nippers, but didn't want anything to really do with my baits. we fished from 7:30 till 1230. only managed 3 dinker lakers that we kept. packed it up, went to the canal and it was pumping. we lost a few lures but I managed to hook into a nice cutbow using crawlers on the bottom.

it was a crappy day of fishing, and I kept saying to myself that we shoulda gone to williams fork but i wanted to fish granby. oh well. there's next weekend i guess. once again I wanna thank my buddy shane for coming with (if your dad is on here.. please speak up!), deputycinnamonbear for hooking me up with that handle, and steve for coming out and saying what's up. wish the fishing was better... but thanks for the handle of roe!

outta the 4 caught.. I kept 2 for myself and pan fried em with a bit of bacon grease, and then used them for fish tacos again. if the weather is nice and I can get carpoolers to go with, i'd love to go east next weekend... otherwise, I'll probably just go to green mtn and fill a cooler with some lakers for a big fish fry. here's some pictures.

with that said, I'm outta town again and off to cheyenne next week and the week after... got to make that money for oklahoma next month.
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