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A few nights ago I had my car broken into and my gear stolen. My car was locked in my driveway, they clearly pried the driver door open, unfortunately I have a broken electrical wire to my door loom on drivers side that makes my alarm non functional.

Anyways they stole a fishing backpack and fly vest full of mostly fly fishing gear. Several fly boxes, probably over 1000 flies. Backpack also had a Go Pro hero 9, a go pro hero 5, and a box of jerkbaits for my spinning rod. Mostly Dynamic Lures, Yo Zuri, and Rapala.

The backpack itself was a tan wind river nomad backpack. Cabelas sells them for around 200 bucks. My vest was a pretty basic field and stream vest. One of my fly boxes (a Tacky 2XL box) had MH 25 stamped on it in black.

Police report has been filed, and I am looking into insurance claims. But I figured I would post it here in case anyone comes across someone trying to sell stuff that matches this description.

This really sucks. I am upset at myself for leaving my treasured fishing stuff in the car, even locked.
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