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What's disgusting about carp?  They eat much of the same food as do trout, they can live in the same waters as many trout, and while they can also live in lakes and rivers that are too polluted to support trout (or most other fish), if given a choice, they'll go for good water quality. 

Carp get a bad rap, but I think they are a much undervalued fish in Colorado, and are as "game" as many others.

Let's compare them to the much vaunted trout.

Characteristic         Carp     Trout
Lives in rivers          Y           Y
Lives in lakes           Y           Y
Takes wet flies         Y           Y
Takes dry flies          Y          Y
Takes streamers      Y           Y
Feeds on nymphs    Y           Y
Feeds on surface     Y           Y
Feeds on small fish  Y           Y
Feeds on fish eggs   Y           Y
Feeds on plants       Y           N
Can be selective      Y           Y
Can be skittish        Y           Y
Fights hard             Y           Y
Commonly >10 lbs Y           N
Found everywhere  Y           N
Easy to catch         N           N

In my book, carp are a worthy opponent...what other fish can you find on the Front Range that is everywhere, eats flies, regularly grows to over 20 pounds, takes as much skill and technique to hook as a bonefish, takes even more skill and technique to land (and a healthy dose of luck), reacquaints you with your backing again and again, and is under-exploited (I've never seen a crowd of anglers on my favorite carp waters)?

Give them a try...if you can overcome the prejudices many have towards the fish, I bet you'll find yourself quite pleased with their performance as a sport fish. Just one word of may find yourself addicted after you spend an afternoon carefully stalking a 15-pounder, you make only three casts, and the fish smokes your drag on the first run!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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