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Cast net experience

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I know cast netting is illegal in many parts of Colorado, but its basically open season out here. I'm going to be buying a cast net soon to get into some good, free catfish and striper bait.

Does anyone have experience throwing one? I've been watching some instructional videos and have seen some insane methods, including some that involve holding the lead line in your teeth while throwing. Yikes...

I'm thinking about starting with a 6' radius cast net... 12' diameter. Will be going after chubs, shad, and sunfish.

Is this going to be a sufficient size? Any particular method you would recommend to a beginner for getting the perfect circle without putting the damn net in my mouth?
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bananas and pancakes ... that's what they call good and bad throws (you can probably guess which is which). we use them in Fla to catch mullet for bait/smoking. I agree, smaller net is easier to throw. I use the tooth method (small stretch of net between the teeth). I can tell you that the tooth method isn't bad as long as you clean the net off well between casts (get that lake bottom gunk off), and don't put lead weights behind your teeth (unless you're looking for some new dentures).
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