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Cast net experience

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I know cast netting is illegal in many parts of Colorado, but its basically open season out here. I'm going to be buying a cast net soon to get into some good, free catfish and striper bait.

Does anyone have experience throwing one? I've been watching some instructional videos and have seen some insane methods, including some that involve holding the lead line in your teeth while throwing. Yikes...

I'm thinking about starting with a 6' radius cast net... 12' diameter. Will be going after chubs, shad, and sunfish.

Is this going to be a sufficient size? Any particular method you would recommend to a beginner for getting the perfect circle without putting the damn net in my mouth?
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A 6 ft net is going to be hard to throw for a first timer, I would start with a 4 ft that opens to 8 then you don't have to learn the teeth and doubling up of line and such. Real easy to throw from shore also. I have all three and the 4 footer is the go to net I use, but Your not going to catch as much bait. You just have to throw it a few more times and your good.

At these cat tourneys The guys using the larger nets have a lot of experience and chase shad down. Someone drives the bait using the boat into the coves and the other guy is at the bow throwing the net when one surfaces. This time of year they are a bit scattered so not that easy to catch. What I did was put the ipilot on auto and just drove the boat and one would surface enough so that I could cast to it. From shore I would use the 4 footer, you wouldn't need the height. A 3 footer would catch the bait no problem you describe from shore and is the easiest to throw.

How you been doing Owen you land any large cats yet? Seen something about you going to Watts bar, That is supposed to be a great lake for blues from what I hear. Its on the bucket list some day for me. We have been landing a lot of monsters here in CO so if you ever move back or visit, we will line you up with some fun Channels, bigger than most blues people catch LOL so Keep in touch.
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