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Cast net experience

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I know cast netting is illegal in many parts of Colorado, but its basically open season out here. I'm going to be buying a cast net soon to get into some good, free catfish and striper bait.

Does anyone have experience throwing one? I've been watching some instructional videos and have seen some insane methods, including some that involve holding the lead line in your teeth while throwing. Yikes...

I'm thinking about starting with a 6' radius cast net... 12' diameter. Will be going after chubs, shad, and sunfish.

Is this going to be a sufficient size? Any particular method you would recommend to a beginner for getting the perfect circle without putting the damn net in my mouth?
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Cast nets are easy when you get the hang of it, my biggest problem when I started was I was holding the weights to far away from eachother, you only want to hold like 4-6 weights a part from eachother. If that makes any sense I can't think of another way to explain it, after than its a simple throw...Its something you definitely have to get the feel for. A couple years ago I couldn't throw mine for crap, now I am pretty good at getting a perfect circle every time, and can even get it to land right where I wanted it to. I put my arm through the loop like lvrider said, for the exact same reason. Then I loop the rope around my hand evenly, small loops work better to big and the rope will get under the net when you throw it.
It will be fine you'll just have to practice, I would definitely practice before you get to the water. It will save you a lot of time. I think my net is a 6' radius I do well with it. I need to get a new one though I caught a couple 10lb catfish and some big carp in it this season and they tore it up, also have got it caught on a couple trees
That thing is so unnecessary, it just takes practice
Don't you have a pond behind your house? Go practice there >:D
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