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keep in mind that (as basshunter alluded to) large fish of a given species will act and like things that are very different than smaller fish of the same species. If you are targeting big fish of a species you have to have to know the habits of big fish and fish to them.

As an example...Small pike are actually a warmwater fish and like warmer water temps and therefore typically shallower areas. In the summer, small pike can be caught in abundance in shallow weedy areas. Extremely large pike on the other hand are a cold water fish and wouldn't be caught dead in warm, shallow water so they lurk along deep structure where they can regulate their temperature and still have a pathway to food sources.

If you are fishing the shallows for small pike about the only reason you'll catch a monster is by accident or if you happen to be in the 'right place at the right time' when the fish comes shallow. If fishing deep drop offs for large pike, you probably won't catch any small ones unless they've gotten lost...they are very vulnerable in deep, open water.

Other species will have similar differences between habits and habitats of larger and smaller fish. Research your species and then practice and expirement th gain experience on the water. Eventually, you'll get into them.
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