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Catfish and carp @Big Thompson Ponds, Boyd Lake, Barbour Ponds

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I left to go fishing on Friday Morning to Barbour Ponds to catch carp and bluegill for catfishing this weekend. Caught 20 carp averaging 18lbs a piece and a 5 gallon bucket full of small bluegills. Left at 7:30pm to go to Boyd Lake. Fished at the area north of the sailboat ramp where the shelters were. Started at 8:30 pm but got no bites until 10:00 pm. At ten the poles lit up and the action didn't stop until 9:00 am on Saturday. Fished with fresh carp and live bluegill. Waded out until the water was chest deep and cast out. Both poles used in free spool with the clickers on so the cats could run with the bait. ended up with twenty fish from 2 lbs to 10 lbs. At 9:00am I went home and slept, then made my way to Big Thompson Ponds. I have always caught huge cats out of here, but the last two years have been tough. Started fishing at 7:00 pm on Saturday but did not catch anything for three hours. At ten my clicker on my Glostik took off and I set the hook. After thirty minutes I netted a monster: 24 pounds and 36 inches. After that the action was steady and I caught twenty more cats going from 5 lbs to 12 lbs until 7:00 am when the sleep monster came on. I fished with cut carp and live bluegills. This was definitely one of my best weekends to date!
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WOW welcome to the site... I can see why you are called catman. :p I've never used carp as cutbait for cats I'm have to give it a try.
see how long have i been telling you all cut bait or perch will work on those cats

but all i hear is liver this and liver that ;D ;D ;D

glad to hear someone is catching some good cats
I always used bluegills as my cutbait.
I use carp, perch, sucker bluegills, sunfish, small crappie, and small bullheads, all either alive or cut up. I don't use stinkbaits because they only produce small cats if any at all. If I am going to use stinkbaits then I sour some cutbait in the sun for a few days.

He hunts for catfish that are 29 lbs and over!!!


Welcome to the site!!

believe it or not. I could hardly believe it myself. That is the second biggest cat I have ever caught. The biggest was a 49 lb flathead out of Santee Cooper during a tournament.
so where is the pics of this beast fish you caught
Wow, Sounds fun!

At Big Mac this year, I used carp and caught cats with it. Tried it @ Union without a nibble.
fishingkats said:
see how long have i been telling you all cut bait or perch will work on those cats

but all i hear is liver this and liver that ;D ;D ;D
well yes but thats because you havent tried possum livers yet
one good big possum liver will last you all night
they are not hard to get if you know somebody who drives a peterbilt

do not get possum livers from kenworth drivers
they will bring you dog and cat livers and every other damn thing

i guess you can see i am just kidding
Nice job, man I need to get out and catch some cats this year.
what pond were you fishing ........
nice fish!!!!!!!!!! we are so jealous. what were you using for the carp?
I fished the first pond at big thompson. THose reports of fish being taken on the back pond is funny. I have talked to a lot of people out there and they say they don't catch squat. As for the carp bait, I use softened field corn or sweet corn, vanilla, strawberry Nesquick, and one cup of sugar. Only add the sugar if you don't mind sticky hands.
hay welcom to the site catman

not to rip you but just a heads up crappie and bullheads are no-nos as bait also a 5 gallon bucket full of gills might put you over the 20 fish aggreget limit on them i can think of a few places that need several buckets full of gills removed so they might grow bigger just be carefull you dont end up with a ticket
check out page 5 and 7
Hey Roadkill,

I was just looking at the regs and I am not certain if there is anything prohibits using crappie or bullheads as bait.  If you catch the crappie or bullhead by hook and line it appears ok to use them as bait.

Section 104-g-2, lists species that can be taken by "seining, netting, trapping or dipping" and used as bait. 

So the way I read the regs if you have legal sized crappie or bullhead taken by any other legal means you can use them as bait. 

Am I misreading this?

yeah i saw that but if we use that as a basis we could use trout for bait as long as they were hook caught. i been looking i remember something about not being able to use "game fish" as bait but that dont make sense cause bluegill are listed as game fish and have a bag limit yet are clearly listed as acceptable as bait can even net them

i had a topic about using trimings from trout like guts and belly meat as cut bait and someone posted a quote that seamed to say they couldnt be used but i haven found that post yet still looking
as far as i know you can not use crappie or bullhead for bait
i would agree but can anyone find and quote the actual reg cause as dan pointed out the regs we have here dont prohibit it just that you cant net them

any help out there?
Where is this place?How many ponds are there?Which is best for bass?thanx
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