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Catfish Baits

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I am a catfish fanatic and will try anything. I have used everything there is except for one thing. Soap. Never caught crap on liver just stinkbaits and worms and had bites on cuttbait. I found several sites selling this catfish soap made from animal fats(lye) and am thinking about trying them. Has anyone used soap baits before?
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fishing3o3 said:
i heard of people using soap, ive only had luck with worms so far in colorado, what about shrimp? ive tried shrimp but no bites at all.
I used to fish for cats with shrimp quite a i tend to throw liver more often here in colorado, but i still fish shrimp a lot...its not as messy and ive still caught some decent cats on it. sometimes it seems they want one bait more than i tend to fish both if i am using two rods. peel them, and try to cover most of a circle hook with it...but leave a timy bit of the hook point exposed. also raw is best, if they get a bit ripe over time its ok...they still work
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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