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Catfish in Chatfield

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Well there are Catfish in Chatfield.....I was so excited I finally got one! We fished all night Friday night and right before the sun rose, right after I cast, I got a hit, and brought in a 25" 4lb 6oz cat. I was so excited. We hadn't caught anything all night, Brian swears I hit it with my weight on it's head and pissed it off, so it bit my hook. Ha, he's just mad cuz he hasn't been able to catch anything. Anyway it wasn't a 10 or 20lber like many of you have caught, but it was my biggest.
We went over to the South Platt Ponds on Saturday, Brian is dying to catch one of those 200, 6lb-10lb bass that were supposedly stocked in there we saw some crusing the shoreline, fished for 4 hr and nothing. Tons of dang crawdads and minnows ate or attacked our bait though.
Tried the trout pond for a few, nothing there either. we saw the sign when we left saying there are 7 ponds? Anyone fished in the others and how far back are they or what are they stocked with?
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