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Take two liter coke (soft drink) bottles and put about an ounce of weight (pouring in some rubber cement works well) in the fat end. Fix your line to the bottleneck and you're ready to go. They aren't as long as what's $90 but they do lay flat and then stand on end when you have a bite. If you want more height on the fat end, cut the end off of another two liter and attach teh two bottles end to end. You can then put cyalume sticks in the secodn bottle or paint it a bright color. you can make pobably 50 of the for the price of one of the others. Or just get some pool noodle and lengths of dowel from Home Depot. Poke a hole through the center of the noodle, thread teh dowel through and glue in place. Add an eyelet if you want. Good luck juggin', that's a great way to drink..uh I mean fish.
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