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does anyone know of any denver/thornton area channel cat ponds . Ive been driving to loveland alot and its getting old . hopefully a couple of you know a pond will some big cats swimming around
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If you ever go to Sportsman's Warehouse in Thornton, there's a couple pictures of some very nice channels on the bragging board from Arvada Res. A saw more a few that has Arvada Reservoir written on them.

I've been meaning to go try for catfish there too, but just never got to it yet. Can anyone confirm decent catfishing at Arvada?
Caught a catfish on a panther Martin today.

I fished a pond near my work on my lunch break. Still had the panther martin tied on from the weekend. Didn't have a lot of time so I decided not to change up to plastics and keep the panther tied on. "I can always change up later."

First cast I had a 13-inch bass. Second cast was a 12'er bass. about the 4th or 5th cast I came up with this...a 2 pound catfish.

Must have hit the lunch hour here as well because for 45 minutes straight, I was picking something off my line. Didn't land anything big but the action was steady. Around 12:50 some dark clouds rolled in and the action slowed.

"Guess I better get back to work."
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Woah.. Way to make your day!

Matt.. Your camera rocks, man. That picture is crisp and beautiful.... Dag gummit, I need to quit spending my money on lures I don't use and buy me a digi-cam!
Digital cams rock...i dont go anywhere without one. you can get a decent one for less than 200 bucks these days...and they pay for themselves with the money you will save developing film. mines older now, but ive used it for everything, in more places than i can count....

i gotta say that was a good pic of that catfish...
the older ones seem to be a little more clear and crisp you need at least 3 mega pixels AT LEAST
My cam is a kodak cx7330, 3.1 megapixels with a 128 MB memory card. My GF bought it at Walmart for 175 I believe and gave it to me for Valentines day.

I resize the pics to get them under 100KB so I lose a bit of resolution.

This will be my 3rd digital camera because water is really bad on electronics. ;)
This will be my 3rd digital camera because water is really bad on electronics.
Ok guys I seldom hawk brands...but they had an article in Infisherman Magazine a while back on digital cameras...if you are going to buy one here is one you might think about...I just bought one on is an Olympus Stylus 410...they arent water proof just water resistant...I have read many reviews where people used them out in the rain with no problems...they have a rubber gasket system that keeps water out...their new ones dont have this feature...go figure?...I paid $260 for mine on Ebay...but it also had a couple of extra batteries a 512 mb memory card...they come with 32 mb extra charger...they want $299 for them new on Amazon for the basic is one for a buy now of $165 on I said Infisherman was giving them high marks in an article about buying a digital camera for fishing and the is one example from ebay...if you search for Olympus Stylus 410 you will see many...
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I have actually seen "waterproof" digitals and they seem perfect. They have no zoom, just point and click, over 3 megapixels, but cost over $300. If you have destroyed three digital cameras already, they would be worth it IMO.
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