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Went up to the heavily hyped adams county fair grounds ponds with uncle about 9:00PM and right when we got out of the van we said almost in unison "You got the worms....I thought you had brought some.... ??? We had both forgot...has that ever happend to you? My uncle had bought some sort of stink bait from the Bass Pro Shop on south sheridan that the manager said was a good bait, so we decided to try the stink bait and if we did not get any bites in an hour then we would go to walmart and buy some worms. Both agreed we went on down to the right of the bridge between the two lakes on a small sand bar that was protruding into the lake. First cast I threw it where I had seen some movement in the water and as I was baiting my other pole  .....wham a 20 inch first channel cat ever!!!!

It was real steady all night a bite on every cast almost but we could not master the art of setting the hook on these cats. We were using #2 Eagle Claw Baitholder hooks. We ended up with 3 about 20 inches and 2 about 15 inches before running out of stink bait....We did not have the scale so I did not weigh them.  I am guessing about 2 pounds each...My uncle was guessing about 4 I do not know since they where my first catfish ever, now if they where trout I would have had a better guess.

I would give Adams County Fairgrounds a thumbs-up if you like catfish. Now I will get to eat catfish for the first time...Anyone have a good recipe?
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I use to fish the fairgrounds lake when I was a kid. There were some giant crappie in those lakes back then averaging 14 to 16 inches. I haven?t been there for years. That is great that the catfish are biting.
I cooked up some catfish last week and cooked it on the grill. I used blackened seasoning, it was very good. Also catfish deep fried is delicious. I just dip in egg first and bread with Italian Flavored Bread Crumbs and put in the deep fryer for about 4 to 5 min.
Wow.. Nice catch man.. 20 inchers.. wow they might be bigger then just 4 and 5 Lbs man. But we'll never know. Just tell us now how much you gain from eating them.. Then we'll decide. J/K Thanks for the report..

One more thing. You had asked about setting the hook when the cats are biting.. Well you can take and bend the hook a bit out. When the cats run with your bait it'll hook while the bait slides to the end of their mouth.

thanks for the recipes and info on the hook. I have the cats soaking in a salt and seasoning marinade getting ready for dinner. Going to try the Classic Deep Fried Method. Who wants to come over for dinner? Whoops better ask the wife first...j/k
WOOT.. The first catfish is always the best! Hope they taste good. Do you know what the stink bait was called? I havent found any that seem to work on the cats here in colorado yet.
My uncle had bought it before I had picked him up, so I apologize for not knowing the exact name or brand however I can describe the look of the bag. It was a white bag with red and blue stripes. There also was a cartoon logo of a man catching a big fish. If you go down to The Bass Pro Shop on South Sheridan Blvd (just south of the Mississippi and Sheridan intersection on the east side of Sheridan next to Billiards Hall) the manager recommended this stink bait and my uncle stated her had plenty on hand. He stated it was not the most expensive either only about 3.00 I think. Hope that helps.
I did a quick search on the net and I found the bait we used here it is, Good fishing:

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You can also get it at walmart. I picked up a bag but haven't tried it yet.
a good bait is
charlies blood bait
i use the magic bait stuff all the time, i dont like it at all because the crayfish get to it and rip it up too easy.
Why do guys who fish for cats all stink like the worst smelling crap in the world?...............Oh yeah........I forgot what's on their fingers when they are eating their shore lunch and copenhagen dips. Smell on fellas. Leave the wipers, walleye and smallmouth to those of us who have freinds with noses or jobs that requires us to meet with people who have noses.
Did you get to skin the catfish before you ate it? ;D First time is the hardest. I know where i will be on Friday night. I just got back from Cabela's and have new Catfish gear to try. I have just got the craving for catfish again and i will go to all lengths to get some! I am from the south and know what a real cat tastes like and no restruant has even come close! Fry them with Louisiana Cajun Fish Fry or with Cornmeal seasoned to taste.
Also a good catfish bait is hotdogs cut in 3/4 in chunk and covered in garlic salt for about two days prior to fishing. I have been catching them lately on this. All the store stuff I have bought is not doing anything. only worms and hotdogs is catching them. Slip the hotdogs over the treble hook, attach the treble hook to your swivle and heave the line out to your favorite spot.

Is this stuff made by powerbait? Or what is the name of it ?

TL said:
Thge best Catfish bait is the stuff that's like power bait, it come in a bucket. You'll need to buy the tubes w/ the holes in them they have little treble hooks on the bottom and line comes up through the bait. I lived on the Might Miss for 27 yrs. and next to blue gill & shad this is the best stuff. One of the reasons is that it works like chum & they absolutely love it. LOL.
ive always wonderd about those catfish lures ....i was checking them out they other day and didnt buy them. I thought it would be one more thing i would try for catfish with no results and should have just bought chicken liver....ill have to give it a try now .

Thanks for the extra effort finding out the name. Looking forward to seeing the results. Also if you wouldn't mind, find a image of the bait and post it to this topic. Or you can send me a link of the location where the bait's image is at and I will post it here, so that other fellow members can get a visual of the packaging.


Thanks TL ....I heard another friend who fished the mississippi for cats and used the same thing...He explained it the same way like peanut butter....Have you found any here??

Well for trout I have alot of places I go to. I have a friend that has been doing really good at Upper and Lower Catamount lakes near Pikes Peak....I think it is a fee area though. Also I live in Denver Metro area, however if I lived near you I would be going up to Spinney or the Dream Stream as much as I could, There is always a better than average chance you will hook onto a 5 lb plus trout there....As for Catfish if you look at my first post the one at the top. That was my first Catfish....I would have never known what to use and where to go if it was not for the other good reports on this site. I most likely would have never tried for catfish either. However I noticed a report for adams county fairgrounds and thought I would give it a try. Now I can say that after such a great time fellowshiping with uncle and being out there at night I will definately go catfishing again...Only bring more off next time....I ended up with about 20 skito' bites on the back of my arms. I have heard of several places up here to Catfish...Gravel ponds (anywhere) Pueblo city just south of you, up in denver metro....Waneka in lafeyette, Brighton City Park Ponds, and Adams County Fairgrounds...hope this helps...
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