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     Hey guys I see a lot of comments about cat fishing and I would like to try it here one of these nights. I was wondering if anyone can give me hints on were to go or even what to catch these fish on??? I was also wondering if they put up a good fight or are they just dead weight coming up to the boat.
Thanks a lot.
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The biggest catfish I have personally seen caught in Co came out of Chatfield Ponds accross from Kingfisher. A buddy of mine caught it, 12lbs, on chicken liver on a treble hook tied with sowing thread. A good way to rig up the pole is with a leader and a egg sinker behind a swivel. Loose line the pole and put a small peice of aluminum foil on the line. The foil is easy to see by lantern and by loose lining the pole the cat can take it without resistance.

Good luck ;D
Hey CaptHook thanks for the comment. Yes, that would be a nice catfish to catch…hopefully the first time is the charm for us. If anyone knows a good place for catching a catfish at the pueblo res. That would be nice because I really have no clue on where and how to catch them…but it sounds fun so I would like to give it a try!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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