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Adams County Fairgrounds caught my first channel catfish there about a month ago. (also Got muskie caught a 31 incher 15 pounder out there last Monday on shrimp).
Try shrimp, worms....or...salmon eggs???
Last tuesday I went to the fairgrounds with my nephew from about 7:00PM-10:00PM (we had no bites on worms or crawfish tails), however the catfish were jumping on one guy's lines. He stated he was going for trout but couldn't keep the 10 inch cats off his salmon eggs...I did not know cats liked salmon eggs, maybe the carp were spawning and were dropping eggs....this really suprised me. Has anyone else caught cats off salmon eggs?

As far as eating size goes...I had both a 15 inch and 20 incher that first time I went and they were both delicious!!

Good Fishing to ya if you go!!!

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